Retirement Moves

Retirement village removalists.jpeg

At Better Call Josh, We have become renowned for our gentle, friendly and easy going approach to helping seniors move into retirement.

We can manage the whole moving process from start to finish, whether it be:


  • Packing or Unpacking

  • The Relocation

  • Any dismantling/reassembling of new or old furniture

  • Rubbish Removal & Declutter

  • Technology setup


We are all Flu-shot vaccinated in line with the new requirements for all retirement facilities in Queensland.

Pictured below is Patrick, our in house technology expert. He has a Bachelor of Computer Science and is CISCO certified. As well as moving your furniture, He can help set up any technology components in the new place. He also mentors our senior customers with any technology they need help setting up or learning how to use. (Modems, TV cabling, Netflix, Smart phones etc).


Pat photo_edited.jpg